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If you’re born in June and/ or have a love for pearls – then this blog post is just for you. June has a total of three (3) birthstones to choose from namely alexandrite, moonstone, and pearl. Today, we will be focusing on the pearl. If you are a veteran of the PriceScope blog and PriceScope forum, you would know that we love pearls nearly as much as we love diamonds.

What Types Of Pearls Are Available On The Market?

There are four (4) primary pearls available on the market. These pearls are called freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, and South Sea pearls.

The Four Main Types Of Pearls Explained

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls.

The most common and least expensive are freshwater pearls. They are simple to discover and are cultured in freshwater lakes and ponds, thus the name. Freshwater pearls are the most diverse in terms of shape and color compared to the other types of pearls.

Akoya Pearls

Akoya Pearls.

When you think about the perfect pearl, these are the ones that spring to mind. In terms of quality and roundness, they are superior to freshwater pearls. Akoya pearls are available in a range of neutral colors, although they are most commonly white. They are smaller compared to the other types of pearls and spherical, with a diameter of 5-9mm and a development time of 1 – 2 years.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls.

Despite its name, Tahitian black pearls come in a variety of dark, natural colors. Greens, blues, browns, and greys are the most prevalent. There is no such thing as a better color; they are all equally valuable. Black pearls from Tahiti are substantially larger and more costly than Akoya pearls. The price reflects the difficulties of making a perfect strand owing to the wide range of colors available.

South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls.

South Sea pearls are divided into two categories: white and golden. They are the most precious and largest of all pearl kinds. A South Sea pearl may be up to 17mm in size, however, even larger white South Sea pearls have been discovered. The development of these pearls takes 2 – 4 years, and they are rarely entirely spherical. Perfectly matched strands are extremely uncommon and can cost up to $350,000. Among all pearls, golden South Sea pearls are the most precious. Natural golden color boosts the value; the deeper the gold, the more precious it is.

What Are Cultured Pearls?

Cultured pearls are formed by creating something artificial into the mollusk. The Japanese have perfected this method and they’ve begun to sell cultured pearls throughout the world.

Is Pearl A Gemstone?

No, pearls are not gemstones nor are they a mineral. However, we as jewelry lovers often refer to pearls as gemstones because we use them like a gem.

Are All Pearls Shaped As Spheres?

No, pearls come in all shapes and sizes. The shape and size of a pearl are based on the conditions inside shellfish specifically oysters and mussels. When the shellfish naturally defends itself by secreting aragonite and this naturally builds up to form the shape of a pearl.

Where Are Natural Pearls Formed In The World?

The Persian Gulf, The Gulf of Mannar or otherwise known as the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea are the prime natural pearl-forming areas.

How Much Do Pearls Cost?

The price of pearls varies due to the size of the pearl itself, which is measured in millimeters, the color, and the quality of the pearl.

What Do Pearls Symbolize?

Pearls were actually once thought to be the tears of the Gods. The Chinese believe that wearing a pearl protected you from fire. in the Western culture, pearls symbolize modesty, chastity, and purity.

Famous Pearls

Pearl of AllahThe Hope Pearl
Otherwise known as the Pearl of Lao-Tse, holds the record for being the biggest pearl ever discovered. It was extracted from a huge clam off the coast of the Philippines in 1934. With a weight of 14 pounds.A magnificent saltwater pearl measuring roughly 2 x 4″ and weighing nearly four ounces, making it one of the biggest known saltwater pearls. Because of its size, form, and golden to white hue, this teardrop-shaped pearl is one of a kind.
The Imperial Hong Kong PearlLa Peregrina Pearl
This magnificent pearl, the size of a robin’s egg, is now set in a platinum pendant with a diamond. The powerful Chinese Empress Dowager Tz’u-Hsi was recognized for owning the pearl.Discovered approximately 500 years ago in the seas near Panama’s Pearl Islands. It has been possessed by kings, queens, and most recently Elizabeth Taylor, and is one of the largest symmetrical pearl-shaped pearls ever discovered. It is definitely one of the world’s largest pearls, with an estimated worth of over $3 million dollars.

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Written by Bianca Mac Donald

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