Jewel(s) of the Week – Stunning Fireball Pearl Jewels!

By Erika Winters

Fabulous Jewelry Shared by Pricescope Members

This week we are featuring unique fireball pearl jewels shared by pinkjewel and bsomlo! Pinkjewel’s new pearls are actually diamond-studded. (So gorgeous!) And bsomlo’s new necklace was made with a stunning statement pearl with lovely iridescence. Thanks everyone for sharing your gorgeous jewelry in the Show Me the Bling and Pearls forums!

pinkjewel’s diamond-studded pearls

Pearl Paradise fireball pearl necklace with diamonds shared by pinkjewel

Pearl Paradise pearl bracelet with diamonds shared by pinkjewel

Pearl Paradise pearl set with diamonds shared by pinkjewel

Pinkjewel’s new pearls are for a very special occasion, a vow renewal after 12 years of marriage. She worked with jewelry designer Hisano Shepherd of Pearl Paradise to create the stunning pieces shown above. Suspended from a baroque pearl strand, a large fireball pearl is set with 12 diamonds to celebrate pinkjewel’s 12 years of marriage. And a sprinkling of diamonds adorns her matching pearl bracelet. The set is completed by champagne-colored pearl drop earrings. Beautiful! Be sure to visit her forum thread for details:
Diamond studded pearls for my vow renewal!

bsomlo’s pearl statement necklace

Pearl Paradise pearl necklace shared by bsomlo

Pearl Paradise fireball pearl shared by bsomlo

Bsomlo also worked with designer Hisano Shepherd to create a custom necklace with a wildly unique fireball pearl! As you can see from the images above, the striking pearl displays a stunning iridescence–the rainbow of colors that change as the pearl moves. Fireball pearls are bead-nucleated freshwater pearls that–unlike perfect spheres–have formed to resemble balls of fire with curving “flames.” These pearls make a grand statement in wild style, and we love the design created by Hisano and bsomlo! Please visit bsomlo’s forum thread for details:
Custom Fireball Pendant a la Hisano

All images by Pearl Paradise.

Thanks for sharing, pinkjewel and bsomlo!


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