Jewels for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Other Jewelry News

By Erika W.

Some of the latest stories in diamond and jewelry news…

Wall Street Journal: A British Affair

From symbols of monarchic power for the Diamond Jubilee to sporting motifs for the Olympics, local jewelers go to town.

12.76 carat rough pink diamond, the largest pink diamond found in Australia

Garrard‘s Diamond Jubilee Pendant

CNBC: Watch and Jewelry Retailers Eye Asia as Basel Fair Opens

As the world’s biggest watch a jewelry fair opens its doors to 100,000 visitors in the Swiss town of Basel on Thursday, chiefs from some of the most exclusive luxury brands told CNBC they were optimistic about 2012.

LA Times: A $5-million watch, the world’s most expensive, unveiled at show

The world’s most expensive wrist watch, encrusted with 1,282 diamonds, was unveiled by Swiss watchmaker Hublot, according to a report by AFP.

MTV: Snooki’s Engagement Ring

The New Jersey-area jewelry store owner talks to MTV News about the $55,000 ring that Jionni LaValle designed.

Israeli Diamond News: Diamond Corporation Harry Winston to Open Flagship Store in Shanghai

The Canadian mining group Harry Winston has announced it will be opening a retail jewelry store in Shanghai’s prestigious XinTianDi shopping district, according to IDEX Online.

Diamond Investing News: Marange Diamonds: A Game Changer?

Marange diamonds could be a game changer for Zimbabwe and for the diamond industry. In a nation desperate for revenue and investment, diamonds could equate to an important economic solution.

Idex: Diamond ETF Filing Submitted to SEC

IndexIQ, a New York based investment firm, filled with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to register IQ Physical Diamond Trust, an exchange traded fund (ETF) backed by diamonds.

Rogue Traderette: Are Diamond ETF’s a Girl’s Best Friend?

…Only if they give a Diamond Dividend every 6 months.

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