Jewels Of The Weeks: January 2021


Each Friday on the PriceScope Facebook page we celebrate the Jewel Of The Week! One recently posted jewelry piece belonging to a PriceScope member is chosen to be featured. We love this tradition and we love getting to enjoy all that new bling! These were the Jewels Of The Weeks for January 2021.

January 1st Fabergé Egg Pendant

RunningwithScissors posted this glorious Fabergé Egg Pendant and we couldn’t get enough of it. A sign of the times, RunningwithScissors said that she didn’t have a pendant necklace. In this new age of regular virtual meetings, a pendant will get a lot of mileage and elevate your work-from-home look.

This was also a marker of a new spectacular appointment for RunningwithScissors and we have full faith that she will make the most of her new position! This pendant is delicate and feminine, while the chain is a beautiful length to add additional beauty to any outfit. This piece is called the “Palais Tsarskoye Selo Pendant.”

Just gorgeous! Congratulations on the piece and the appointment. We are all cheering for you!


January 8th Victor Canera Round and Epaulette Three-Stone Ring

NicoleNeedsHelp posted this stunning Victor Canera Engagement Ring Upgrade and the pics are delicious! Look at that sparkle, there are lots of beautiful pics to enjoy! NicoleNeedsHelps said:” I’m completely in love with the 3 sided pave. I‘m not wearing a band right now. I am not sure if I will in the future. I’ve been a practical person all my life and I have to admit, I love not being practical with this ring.” We love that, enjoy your jewelry!

NicoleNeedsHelp was thrilled with the Victor Canera experience and that is always fantastic to hear! Just look at that diamond melee!

2.23ct center stone
Color Grade: G
Clarity Grade: VS1


January 15th Flower Cluster Diamond Earrings

Ellekay posted these Flower Cluster Diamond Earrings and they were exactly what we needed to see at the moment. We are in the depths of winter where I live and while things are undeniably beautiful with a layer of ice on them, I would rather have my icy flowers be the diamond variety!

These Whiteflash beauties have fantastic lobe coverage. Ellekay said: “They are subtly sparkly and really brilliant–it’s like they glow. For the price, it’s the best, pretty ear-coverage I found.” I love the idea that they seem like they are glowing.

Ellekay also added this hilariously relatable story: “I’ve worn them every day, and yesterday in the car, my husband said in exasperation, “You keep saying yes, but I can see that you’re shaking your head a bit like the answer is no, so which is it?”

At which point I had to explain that the sun was hitting my earring perfectly, so I was moving my head to see it sparkle in the passenger side mirror”

Total Carat Weight: .75 which looks wonderful on ellekay! Love them!


January 22nd 5+ ct OEC Engagement Ring Upgrade

Prs shared this 5+ ct OEC Engagement Ring Upgrade and our jaws dropped. We love a big glorious diamond, I mean…who doesn’t? When they found this diamond it was 5.22 and had some bangs and bruises, it had obviously led a life of adventure. Through David Klass they were connected with a cutter that was able to fix the issues while keeping the diamond above 5 ct.

Prs said: “The end result was fantastic, and at 5.05ct with a clearly visible flower petal pattern, all our expectations were exceeded. Needless to say DW is in love!” How could she not be, this fireball lights up her whole had. I am pretty sure she was already in love, as this was in celebration of their 40th Anniversary.

Having found a stunning setting that they loved posted by PriceScope member mrs-b, they created a modified version that would feature their gorgeous stone. It faces up whiter than the O-P color grade that it falls in, but it has a lovely warmth that just added character. The story here is a fun journey and the finished piece is amazing!


January 29th Sunshine Dreams of Spring Pendant

Polyhex posted her “Sunshine Dreams of Spring” Pendant, this blew us away. It’s positively alive with color and we can’t get enough. This custom pendant is so bright, lovely, and cheerful. We love the process images are pretty amazing, and the information great.

This started with a 25.65 ct citrine that was gifted to Polyhex by her husband. She built this look from there knowing that she wanted it to remind her of sunshine, spring flowers, and the natural world. She even found the top center stone in LoupeTroop on PriceScope!

Polyhex said: “ I specifically picked all of the colored stones based on how they look in incandescent lighting because it’s quite dark where I live about half the year.” We hope this brings light and joy all year round, it’s gorgeous!


25.65 ct citrine, from Excess Design
1.25 ct tsavorite from PS member ArkieB1
44 1.4mm diamonds, tcw 0.53, from K Rosengart
38 2.5mm medium pink tourmalines
24 2.5mm tsavorite garnets
12 3mm violet sapphires from Sri Lanka
18k yellow gold, 9k white gold

Thank you for posting your magnificent jewels with us, and helping to celebrate PS members’ pieces every week! We look forward to seeing the newest additions to your collections in the Show Me the Bling! forum.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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