Jewelry for Women in their 20s

In today’s blogpost, we’re going to talk about jewelry. Specifically, jewelry for women in their 20s. Whether you’ve just entered your 20s or nearing the end of your 20s, this blogpost is for you. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to unpack jewelry tips and must-haves for jewelry in different age groups. We’re kicking off this series by sharing some essential jewelry tips when shopping for jewelry in your 20s. Whether it be costume jewelry or fine jewelry – we hope that these jewelry tips will help you get more bang for your buck.

Tip #1: Experiment

Experimenting with low-end jewelry options will give you a feel of what you like to wear and to figure out whether something will even be worth investing in the finer version. Alternatively, you can experiment with vintage or secondhand jewelry. Purchasing jewelry that has already been made is a cost-effective way of experimenting with quality jewelry.  So you don’t have a high entry barrier in order to participate. Shopping for costume jewelry online? We advise browsing through Etsy, Mejuri, or H&M

Tip #2: Be Aware of Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry can look cheap, tarnish easily, and at times may not even be worth the low price tag. We advise you to be mindful when buying jewelry to always closely examine the pieces. Notice if the jewelry has started tarnishing anywhere. If it has, this is an immediate indication that you shouldn’t make a purchase. There is a high chance that jewelry that already results in being tarnished will worsen the longer you wear it. When shopping for costume jewelry, try to steer away from jewelry that consists of metal. Often, costume jewelry predominantly made from copper leads to skin discoloration.

Discolored jewelry.
Image Source: Jewelry Auctioned

Instead, opt for beaded costume jewelry or plated jewelry. Lastly, when you are shopping for costume jewelry or secondhand jewelry. Make sure that no stones are missing. If the costume jewelry contains stones, ensure that they do look somewhat realistic. 

Tip #3: Costume Jewelry vs Fine Jewelry

An important aspect to keep in mind when shopping for jewelry in your 20s is not only your preferences but the price associated with each. Firstly, the price of the jewelry will depend on whether the jewelry is solid gold or silver, or plated with gold or silver. Typically, plated jewelry comes in at a lower price point compared to solid jewelry. Plated jewelry is less expensive compared to solid jewelry because it tarnishes easily and is cheaper to manufacture. 

Secondly, understand what the levels of quality are in the plated world. There is jewelry on the market that is plated and of high quality. This is jewelry that has been plated really well. Solid jewelry is better if you want to wear your jewelry all the time and never want to take it off. If you live in a humid area, bear in mind that humidity wears off the plating. 

Personally, I like to gravitate towards solid gold as it lasts longer compared to plated jewelry. If you are leaning towards plated pieces wear them sparingly during summertime. My love for yellow gold was only discovered as I entered my 20s. In my teens, I would wear a lot of sterling silver, as I’m sure many of our young readers can relate to. 

When choosing what jewelry you like, take into consideration what color palette suits you best and your everyday to special occasion wardrobe but also the metals that suit your complexion, hair color, and eye color. 

Tip #4: Start with the Basics

Start with the basics unless you’ve had your eye on something for a really long time. Basic jewelry pieces are versatile and timeless. Basic jewelry includes studs, hoops, a simple necklace with either a locket or pendant that means something to you, delicate rings, a bracelet, and a bangle. 

When shopping for basic jewelry, keep in mind that quality comes before quantity. The main benefit of collecting basic jewelry is that you have the option to start stacking.

Basic gold plated stacked jewelry.
Image Source: Pinterest

Tip #5: Test what works Best

In this preferences category where you’re trying to figure out what you like to wear and why you like to wear it. I think this is also a really good time to figure out what sizes you like to wear

The sizes of your jewelry can vary based on your necklace length to your ring size all the way down to your bracelet size. This is all really helpful because it points you in the right direction and then again ensures that you are picking jewelry that is going to be worn and not neglected. If you are shopping online for a bracelet or necklace – we advise you to use a measuring tape to see where the jewelry will sit on your chest or wrist. 

Tip #6: Heirloom Jewelry

Heirloom jewelry – which is jewelry that has been handed down to you is such a beautiful thing to have in your jewelry collection. Consider adding some of these pieces to your everyday or special occasion jewelry collection. Heirloom jewelry is unique and will really set your jewelry collection apart from everything else. For example, an everyday heirloom jewelry piece is a solid yellow gold cross that was handed down to me by my grandmother. I wear it in the shower, at the gym and even on date nights if it goes with my outfit.

Solid gold cross on necklace.

Man and woman standing side-by-side.
My grandmother wearing the gold cross pendant pictured above.

Tip #7: Personalization

Consider personalization when it comes to your jewelry. I prefer jewelry that has been custom-tailored to represent me. Having jewelry engraved is a cost-effective way of having jewelry that is important to you. Getting jewelry customized will radiate your personal style and encourage you to keep it in your jewelry box even after you grow out of wearing it.

A personal piece of mine is an engraved St. Christopher necklace that was gifted to me by my father when I was aged 7. 

Sterling silver Saint Christopher (front). Sterling silver engraved Saint Christopher (back).

We hope that these tips have been useful. Do you have any other tips that would be useful for those shopping for jewelry in their 20s? If so, click the comments button below and let us know.

Written by Bianca Mac Donald 

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