Jewel of the Week – Tsavorite Garnet Ring

By Erika W.

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This week’s jewel is a classic Tsavorite garnet and diamond ring posted by yingh. Thanks everyone for posting your gorgeous jewelry in the Show Me the Bling and Colored Stones forums!

January Birthstone – Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite Garnet Ring
Posted by yingh
Finally, My Tsavorite Ring

Many people imagine garnets to be dark brownish red gems set in Grandma’s old jewelry, but garnets actually come in an array of colors! Garnets comprise a fascinating group of gems, and several species and varieties exist within that group. One of the most stunning varieties of garnet is Tsavorite. Tsavorite garnets typically range from medium to dark green with hints of yellow or blue secondary color.

Tsavorite Garnet Diamond Halo Ring
Posted by yingh

Yingh’s 2.33 carat Tsavorite garnet ring features a diamond halo which offsets the rich green gem. Tsavorites are notoriously hard to photograph, but yingh has captured the vivid medium green color with panache.

Tsavorite Diamond Ring
Posted by yingh

Yingh chose an intricate gallery of pave diamonds-a lovely profile.

Tsavorite Garnet Ring Profile
Posted by yingh

A delicate split shank curves toward the head of the ring.

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