Jewel of the Week – The Creation of a Pink Diamond Double Halo Ring

By Erika W.

Fabulous Jewelry Shared by Pricescope Members

From initial rendering to finished ring, this week’s featured jewel illustrates the process of handcrafting a jewelry piece. Thanks everyone for sharing your gorgeous jewelry in the Show Me the Bling forum!

Double halo diamond ring rendering by Robinson Designer Goldsmith
Ring rendering by Mike Robinson from Robinson Designer Goldsmith

We often see beautiful finished jewelry on our forums, but it’s a rare treat to get an intimate view of the ring-crafting process. Special thank you to ZahraLeyla for taking the time to share these images. The ring is set with a 4.09ct old cut diamond in a double halo featuring pink diamonds and marquise cuts.

Below is an abridged version of the ring-making process with images from Robinson Designer Goldsmith. Visit ZahraLeyla’s thread for more pictures and details: RDG setting – 4.09ct OMC, pink diamonds and a double halo!

Loose old mine brilliant and marquise cut diamonds

Loose diamonds to be set in double halo ring
Initial layout with diamonds face-down

Crafting the double halo
Metal cutouts for the diamond halo

Testing melee diamonds in the double halo
Fitting the melee diamonds in the halo

Diamond halo construction
Halo construction

Building the ring shank
Crafting the shank and gallery

Ring proportions on the hand
Proportions on the hand

The Finished Ring

Finished double halo pink diamond ring in box

Finished double halo pink diamond ring

Thank you for sharing ZahraLeyla!

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