Jewel of the Week – Antique Pendant / Brooch for the Mother of the Bride

By Erika Winters

Fabulous Jewelry Shared by Pricescope Members

With stunning pictures, this week’s featured jewel–a gorgeous antique diamond pendant/brooch–simply took our breath away! Thanks everyone for sharing your jewels in our Show Me the Bling and Antique Jewelry forums!

Antique diamond pendant / brooch

We seldom see original antique brooches posted on the forum, so when hippi_pixi posted these gorgeous pictures, we felt pretty giddy. The piece will be worn by her mother (as a pendant) at hippi_pixi’s upcoming wedding. Such a lovely and unique jewel for the mother of the bride! You might also spy a very gorgeous old European cut diamond engagement ring in the pic just below. Suffice to say, a bevy of old-cut diamonds makes for one fabulous Jewel of the Week! Be sure to visit hippi_pixi’s forum post for more beautiful pictures: Mums antique pendant / Brooch. OMC and rose cuts.


Antique diamond pendant / brooch

Antique diamond pendant / brooch

Thanks for sharing, hippi_pixi!

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