January’s Throwbacks: Four Fabulous Rings


At PriceScope we celebrate Throwback Thursday every week on our Facebook Page; revisiting member posted jewelry pieces from previous years. We love that PriceScopers share their magnificent eye candy with us regularly and we encourage you to show off! We are here for it! Here are the four(4) rings that were celebrated during January 2021:


January 6th Leon Megé Mother’s Ring

In 2011, Missydebby shared a couple of fabulous pieces in the original post. We were swooning over them both, but that Mother’s ring rook the cake. What a beautiful ring, with a spectacular color play. Missydebby called it a yellow diamond with peridot tendencies, that green fluorescence adds a whole new sense of character for this oval. The center stone represents Missydebby’s daughter, while the white ovals represent Missydebby and her husband.

Since Missydebby paid for this piece fully from painting commissions, it was a doubly symbolic mother’s ring to remind her not only of her daughter but what she is capable of! Fabulous! Leon Megé did a wonderful job on this ring, love it!

Missydebby said “Here’s what I love about Leon’s work: it seems both antique in its execution (so delicate with the tiniest details) and yet his lines are so modern and clean. For me the best of both worlds.”


January 14th Hand Forged Victor Canera OMB in Halo

In 2013, elisekelly posted her (at the time) new engagement ring and it is glorious! After a couple of years’ worth of sending emails and pics from PriceScope for hint dropping purposes, they knew the styles that they were looking for. They knew that they wanted a Victor Canera setting and after going through his completed settings they knew they wanted his hand forged work. The resultant ring is beyond gorgeous and looks amazing on her finger!


Cut: Old Mine Brilliant
Measurements: 8.13 x 7.74 x 5.34 mm
Carat Weight: 2.63
Color Grade: F
Clarity Grade: VS1
Depth: 69%
Girdle: Thin to Slightly Thick
Cutlet: Slightly large
Symmetry: Very good


January 21st Vatche Grace Engagement Ring

In 2012, HappyEverAfter posted her new engagement ring. Her partner had proposed without a ring because she knew that HappyEverAfter had been obsessively looking and wanted to make sure that HappyEverAfter ended up with her dream ring. Starting with her Grandmother’s ring, she removed the stone and kept the antique setting for a later project. Searching PriceScope for months and once she went into ID Jewelry and talked to the staff there, she knew that was where she would be buying her ring. She said that her experience with IDJ’s customer service was “out of this world!”

Yekutiel and Monique were upfront and honest with her, explaining what could be done realistically without misleading her. She ultimately chose the Vatche Grace setting and it was a magnificent choice!


Carat Weight: .61 carats
Color Grade: K
Clarity Grade: VVS2
Cut: OMC


January 28th Marquise Engagement Ring

In 2013, hguy4x shared the marquise engagement ring that he’s purchased for his bride. Hguy4x described his intended’s taste as modern retro with sleeker lines, and that seems a bit enigmatic but when you see this ring it totally makes sense. As he put it: “a vintage styled rock with a more modern setting.” Whiteflash was outstanding in guiding him through the process, and he really felt like his PriceScope experience helped him get the most dazzle for his dollar!

This ring packs a large sparkle punch, I love the look, and the way that it features this marquise is inspired. Well done, we love it!

Carat Weight: 1.22ct
Color Grade: G
Clarity Grade: VS1
Platinum braided shank (it’s a little more than 1/2 shank) with one braid plain and one braid ACA melees.
Trellis inspired setting

We love throwing it back, and hope that you enjoy the ride as much as we do!

We love to brag about our amazing members and their incredible jewelry, we want you to show off too! Join the PriceScope Community today for FREE!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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