Happy Holidays 2020

We are deep in the holiday season and many of us are attempting to remain festive even though many of us will be in the house. I’ve heard of families getting together over Zoom, having watch parties of their favorite holiday films, and doing anything else they deem necessary to stay in contact with their loved ones. So here’s to maintaining a bit of sanity. Let’s dust off some ugly sweaters and pair them with some beautiful jewels and get right into crafting the perfect holiday outfit.



Flower cluster diamond earrings set in 14K yellow gold at Whiteflash.
Flower Cluster Diamond Earrings set in 14K Yellow Gold at Whiteflash

If anyone is looking for a pair of diamond earrings for the holiday, then stop right here. Nothing says holiday season quite like a pair of snowflake earrings. This pair made the cut because not only do they resemble snowflakes, but they also look like a beautifully bloomed flower. That way, once winter is done, you can rock an equally gorgeous pair of floral earrings right in time for spring. If you’re really lucky, you’ll be wearing them on a true white Christmas Day.



Three-tone gold rope hoop earrings in 14K yellow, white and rose gold at B2C Jewels.
Three-Tone Gold Rope Hoop Earrings in 14K Yellow, White, and Rose Gold at B2C Jewels

We love tinsel during the holiday season and want to wear it throughout the year which is why we picked these earrings as a must-have for the holidays. Hoop earrings are popular right now which means you’ll definitely be able to not only wear them through the season but even in the heat of the summer because these earrings pop whether you wear them with winter or summer whites. These are definitely a pair of earrings to deck the halls (or Zoom) with this year.



Green emerald three-stone engagement ring set in 14K white gold at James Allen.
Green Emerald Three-Stone Engagement Ring set in 14K White Gold at James Allen

The holiday season also corresponds with engagement season and what better way to celebrate an engagement than with a very on-trend three stone ring with evergreen-colored emerald stones. Evergreen trees are a symbol of holiday celebrations, but that isn’t the only reason we fell in love with this ring. We selected this ring because not only does it represent your past, present, and future, but evergreen is synonymous with longevity, a great representation to show that your love will last the test of time.



Round diamond stud earrings set in 14K white gold at I.D Jewelry.
Round Diamond Stud Earrings set in 14K White Gold at I.D Jewelry

Rudolph had his nose to guide the way and save Christmas for children everywhere. This time, we’re using these phenomenal diamond studs to light the way for us this year. This season is truly the season of lights and these studs will definitely give Rudolph and his nose some competition for the brightest accouterment for the rest of the year.

Just because this holiday season is unlike any we’ve ever experienced before doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it and be as festive as we want to be. These jewels show us that we can embody the holiday spirit wherever we are!

Written by Ashley Boykin

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