Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is behind us, however, it is always good to take time to reflect on things that we are grateful for. The PriceScope Team has a lot to be grateful for and it’s important to us that the overall PriceScope Family knows that they are appreciated. 


We are so grateful to have a beautifully updated site. Thank you to all the Development Team and all of the users that so seamlessly transitioned to the new site. We know that change can be intimidating, and you came with us on this journey.

The PriceScope Website


We are so grateful for the PriceScope Community. We love to cheer for your new jewelry additions, but also appreciate your stories, your sharing, your support. This community is like no other and we all know some fun points about the most regular posters. That said, the community embraces and welcomes new members into the fold and they start to shine on their own soon because they have such a great group around them.

A group of people with their hands stacked in teamwork


Getting used to new things can be challenging, but we are so excited to have the opportunity to step up the features at PriceScope. John Pollard, our Director of Education has begun webinars that offer insight into the world of jewelry from different sides. We had some growing pains with the new blog structure, but we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that more people are interacting with and reading the blogs. We really appreciate your feedback and we are genuinely interested in your views! The Concierge service is helping to connect people to the best diamonds according to their budget. They have helped several people this year find THE ring that got them the YES they were after.

Images of the Concierge section of the website and the images for both of the Webinars hosted thus far.


Wow! We are so lucky to have such a great group of featured vendors that support PriceScope. We vet all of the vendors that list on the site. We are proud to get to associate our work with such great jewelers and we know that we can only continue to grow with their partnership. We have been grateful for the partnership of such incredible brands as Blue Nile, Whiteflash, James Allen, B2C Jewels, and Adiamor. We’re excited to have The Art of Jewels, Friendly Diamonds, and Brilliant Carbon join us. With IGI, Brilliant Earth, and Ideal-Scope as additional advertisers. Visit our sponsors to see why we are so very pleased to team with them, they are outstanding at their crafts!

The PriceScope Vendors and advertisers as seen on the the website.


We thank the Community, but we wanted to reserve a moment to thank you all as individuals. We love getting to do what we do, and ultimately all of that is for you. Our members are the soul of PriceScope. We appreciate all that you bring to the table, many people from so many different backgrounds but all joined by a love of jewelry. We are thrilled that each and every one of you is here with us, and hope that we remain in your favorites for years to come.

The word YOU spelled out with a diamond ring for the O.


The last couple of years were difficult and we were all unsure about what that was going to look like in the jewelry industry. We should have remembered the fortitude of jewelry lovers. The over all feeling is that people prioritized the sentiment in life while things were out of balance. We re-focused on what mattered to us, and for so many of us jewelry represents connection. We celebrate life’s milestones and our relationships that are woven within, and for jewelry lovers that is an opportunity to mark our joy with jewels. It’s ultimately been a glorious time as far as jewelry goes among the Community, and that is a testament to the strength of the people we are surrounded by. Thank you.

October 2021 Jewels Of The Weeks.

Thank you, Thank you all. We are so grateful for you.

Happy Holidays, PriceScope Family. You are truly spectacular. 

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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