GiannaV’s Tacori Princess is Royally Beautiful!

GiannaV's Tacori Princess is Royally Beautiful!

GiannaV’s Tacori Princess is Royally Beautiful!

GiannaV shared her outstanding Tacori Princess Cut Diamond with us in the Show Me the Bling Community at PriceScope! The way she is wearing this showstopper leads me to believe that this is an engagement ring upgrade, but no matter where it intends to land this rock is a winner!

That profile is divine

That profile is divine

GiannaV proved to be a wise woman when she used PriceScope as a resource and learned a lot aboout diamonds and found her way to Whiteflash to find this stone. We love being a part of such fabulous jewelry journeys!

The Stats:
1.80 ctw
Color: F
Clarity: VS2
Polish & Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
Ring Size: 4.5

Want to see the entire post with more pics? Find the sparkle here!

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By Kayti Kawachi

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