Fancy Yellow Double Halo with Sapphire Flower Detail by Steven Kirsch

Fancy Yellow Double Halo

Fancy Yellow Double Halo

Scarlett1 shared her radiant ring with us in the Show Me the Bling community and we basked in it’s incredible glow!

Marvelous Flower Detail

Marvelous FLower Detail

Steven Kirsch designed this stunning ode to sunshine and flowers and it could chase away any rainy day blues! Carrying a bit of sunshine around with you is such a lovely idea! The gallery detail is just phenomenal, I am sort of in love with this.

At Home on Scarlett1's Finger

At Home on Scarlett1’s Finger

The Sunny Stats:

The Center Stone is a .91ct VS1 Y-Z Radiant

Haloed by Fancy Light Yellow Melee

18k Yellow Gold

Flowers Made of a Mix of Sapphires Ranging in Light Pinks, Hot Pinks, and Purples

To read the entire post with lots of pics, click here

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By Kayti Kawachi

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