Fabulous Ring And Experience for Mitsui4

Mitsui4's Fabulous IDJ Ring AND Experience

Mitsui4’s 2+ct Ring

A lot of communication, effort, and trust went into the procurement of this beautiful ring . We always love to hear about great experiences in the jewelry industry, Yekutiel at ID Jewelry gets another rave review!

Jewelry Art meets Nail Art

Jewelry Art meets Nail Art

This ring throws light around like mad, it packs a powerful punch! Mitsui4 was looking for a lot of carats on a little budget and IDJ found the sparkler that satisfied! She is adamant that she will be a return customer, and what bigger compliment is there, really?

Diamond Spec:

2.05ct, 8.15 – 8.20 x 4.98mm

O-P color

SI2 (Totally Eye-clean as Yekutiel said)

Cut Grade: EX, Polish: VG, Symmetry: EX

Fluorescence: Strong Blue

Finger Size: US 3.75

Thank you so much for sharing this awesome ring and story with us, Mitsui4!

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By Kayti Kawachi

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