Did You See July 2022’s Throwback Thursdays?

Closing out July and dancing right into August! Re-visiting the jewels from the past is always a pick-me-up. We hope that you enjoy the eye candy as well!

On Throwback Thursdays, we here at PriceScope celebrate the jewels of our past. Every day on the Show Me the Bling! forum, Community members share their new bling for us all to enjoy. We’ve accumulated over a decade worth of fabulous additions from our members. The community at PriceScope is like no other, and it’s fantastic to get more chances to cheer for each other!

Throwback Thursday is posted each week on the PriceScope Facebook Page. On the last Thursday of the month, we will share them in one post so everyone can enjoy them. Onward to the Throwbacks for July 2022!

JULY 7, 2022


Five Stone Oval Diamond Ring.

RetroTreeGal shared this five-stone oval ring with us in 2015. RetroTreeGal fell in love with this sparkler when another PriceScoper shared it. When that PS’er decided to re-home it, RetroTreeGal was excited, but it was just too far a stretch. Then a small inheritance came her way, and she snapped it up! Now, this ring will also help to carry on the beautiful memory of RetroTreeGal’s beloved Grandmother. Gorgeous, love it!


Platinum Setting
Center Stone: 0.58
Color Grade: G
Clarity: VS2

JULY 14, 2022,


Five Stone Yellow Diamond Halo Ring.

Lovemesomecolor shared this canary yellow ovals in halos diamond ring with us in 2015. We are on a five-stone oval kick, but like this user, we love some color! These yellow diamonds with those beautiful halos are glorious! This was purchased to be a standalone wedding band, and it is a great choice for it. 

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JULY 21, 2022


Tiffany and Co Diamond Ribbon Ring.

Eilonwy shared this Tiffany Ribbon ring with us in 2012. This upgrade came into fruition three weeks after the wedding, how fun is that! Their financial position had changed significantly in the intervening time between the proposal and the wedding…so they just went for it! Love that, I wish we all had the freedom to fulfill diamond wishes!


Carat Weight: 0.71
Color Grade:
Clarity: VVS2

JULY 28, 2022


Sapphire and OEC Diamond RHR.

Alistra shared this OEC diamond and sapphire right-hand ring with us in 2015. This vintage RHR is jaw-dropping. That blue pops the white diamond like crazy! Thank you to Circe for convincing Alistra to create this thread and share this incredible ring with us. This one definitely deserved it’s own post!


Old European Cut (OEC)
Carat Weight:
Color Grade: K
Clarity: VS2

Throwback Thursdays are always so fun for us, and we hope that you enjoy them too! We are looking forward to bringing more of PriceScope’s past out to show off and celebrate again!  

We are so lucky that the PriceScope Community loves to share their gorgeous pieces with us, it’s so great to get to look at all this beauty!

If you are ready to show off your pieces with a community that will cheer on your jewelry finds old and new, Join the PriceScope Community for FREE Today!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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