Color and Clarity Upgrade


Who loves an upgrade? WE DO! Color and Clarity upgrades are just as great as a Carat Weight upgrade. The Jewel Of The Week is this stunning diamond engagement ring upgrade that Gussie posted on the Show Me the Bling! forum.



The size difference is minimal, but the overall quality of the stone is improved significantly. This gorgeous diamond has enough sparkle to make anyone’s heart skip a beat. I am absolutely smitten with this beautiful gem. Whiteflash really did a phenomenal job with the cut on this diamond, there is a reason they call it A Cut Above!




Carat Weight: 3.443 ct
Color Grade: I
Clarity Grade: VS2

Congratulations on your upgrade, we hope that it brings you joy for many to come! Thank you for sharing it with us! Join us in letting PS Member Gussie know what you think about her new ring.

Written by Kayti Kawachi 


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