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Thu, 09 Aug 2018

Feeling Pink

Feeling Pink

Feeling Pink

Feeling Pink

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Feeling Pink

Feeling Pink

Chasiu shared this fabulous Pink Spinel Ring on the Show Me The Bling Community at Yes, some bright color was exactly what I was looking for this week! This pink spinel just sings, and I love that the halo creates a forced perspective to drive the pop even more!

side view of the basket

side view of the basket

After getting bit by the colored gem bug, Chasiu snapped up this Portuguese cut Tanzanian roundish oval 7x6x4 Spinel that is "medium dark" with "moderately strong" saturation. When looking for a setting, she looked to the catalog of beauties at Lord of Gem Rings and found this stunning setting. She took the leap and found the setting and had it set within about 20 minutes. There was an element of impulse, but I prefer to think of it as taking a leap into a pool of fabulousness! ;)

To read more of the story and see more, visit the ring pics here.

For Throwback Thursdays, we take the opportunity to re-appreciate beautiful pieces that have been shared over the years!

Thank you so much for sharing your jewelry experiences with us. Keep revisiting PriceScope’s past with us each Thursday!


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By Kayti Kawachi

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