CBI Diamond in Floral Setting

Icy_jade posted this astonishing CBI diamond ring in the Show Me the Bling forum at PriceScope. I can’t get over how lovely this is, the photos are incredible!


look at that beauty



I am floored that this is not a custom setting, this mount is beautiful! The diamond looks gorgeous and is faces up so white in pictures I can only imagine the amount of fire it throws in person! The team at High Performance Diamonds puts out stunning work and this is a great representation of their craftsmanship. I know that Icy_jade is already feeling the DSS creep, but this is a winner and I hope that she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it for years to come!


The mount is breathtaking


The Stats:

CBI 2.05
Color: G
Clarity: SI2

Icy_jade said, “there wasn’t enough time to custom create a setting, Layla R. kindly found a Stuller setting which had the floral halo that I’d wanted and then pulled off a miracle with the HPD team to rush the setting, put in approx. 0.2 ctw H&A melees (22 x 0.005ct each 1mm and 18 x 0.0025ct each 0.8mm), and set the diamond in an offset way (for the arrows) and delivered it to Morrison Smith before I flew off. It’s in 18k WG with palladium.”


you owe it to yourself to go look at these pictures!


Visit the original post with more phenomenal pics and join me in congratulating Icy_jade!


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By Kayti Kawachi

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