Are You Ready? 4th Annual Pricescope GTG in Las Vegas!

By Erika Winters

We are thrilled to announce the 4th Annual Pricescope Get Together in Las Vegas! Since 2011, we have hosted an annual get together during the JCK jewelry trade show weekend. The goal of the GTG is to bring our members together in the spirit of Pricescope to share our love of jewels. And each year, we give away an amazing array of door prizes from our Featured Sponsors and contributing forum vendors. Suffice to say, the door-prize offerings have grown with the event!

This year’s event will be held at the end of May. Please visit our forum thread for full details: 4th Annual Pricescope GTG in Las Vegas!

PS GTG Member Rings

This gorgeous image from last year’s Pricescope GTG was shared by Mayk. (Thanks, Mayk!) A fabulous and blingy time was had by all! See more here: Pricescope Get-Together Bling Rocked Vegas!

**For your safety and security, eligibilty to attend the GTG is limited.
Eligibility as of 2-18-14: For security purposes, consumers with at least 100 forum posts, or 6 months of membership with 50 posts as of 2-18-14, will be eligible to attend the 4th Annual Pricescope Get Together. Please note that space is limited.

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