5th Winner of Pricescope’s 2014 $5,000 Holiday Giveaway! Congratulations to Rosebloom!

By Erika Winters

Huge congratulations to Rosebloom, our 5th and final winner of Pricescope’s 2014 $5,000 Holiday Giveaway! Rosebloom has won a $1,000 gift certificate to spend with any Pricescope Featured Sponsor. If you’re just tuning in to our contest, we gave away five $1,000 gift certificates to our registered members who submitted the following posts from Pricescope’s total post count:
#3,780,000 • #3,785,000 • #3,790,000 • #3,795,000 • #3,800,000. It’s been a blast! Thanks to all who participated in our giveaway, and huge congratulations to our five winners!

Post #3,780,000 • 1st Winner: Niel

Pricescope 2014 $5000 Holiday Giveaway 1st Winner Niel

Check out her winning post.

Post #3,785,000 • 2nd Winner: RTFrog

Pricescope 2014 $5000 Holiday Giveaway 2nd Winner RTFrog

Check out his winning post.

Post #3,790,000 • 3rd Winner: Diamond2014

Pricescope 2014 $5000 Holiday Giveaway 3rd Winner Diamond2014

Check out the winning post.

Post #3,795,000 • 4th Winner: hidingpearl

Pricescope 2014 $5000 Holiday Giveaway 4th Winner hidingpearl

Check out the winning post.

*** Post #3,800,000 • 5th Winner: Rosebloom ***

Pricescope 2014 $5000 Holiday Giveaway 5th Winner Rosebloom

Check out the winning post.

Visit the 2014 Pricescope $5,000 Holiday Giveaway forum thread to congratulate our winners!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

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