10 Diamond Misconceptions: Part 2

14K White Gold Round Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring at Gabriel & Co.


Welcome to part two of our Diamond Misconceptions post. Visit here for part 1 (https://www.pricescope.com/blog/5-diamond-misconceptions-part-1). We are discussing five more diamond misconceptions to help you stay on the path to finding the right diamond of your dreams.


Diamond Misconception #6. Diamond Engagement Rings Are a Must.


Emerald ring with diamond sidestones set in 18K white gold at Blue Nile


Believe it or not, diamond engagement rings were not a thing until nearly 1950. Before that, gemstones such as rubies, amethysts, emeralds, sapphires and more reigned as the preferred engagement ring stone. Now, that doesn’t mean no one received diamond engagement rings until DeBeers pushed their ad campaign highlighting diamond engagement rings. It simply means that diamond engagement rings are fairly new when compared with history and you should not feel pressured to purchase or receive one unless your heart is set on it.


Diamond Misconception #7. You Must Never Divert from the 4 C’s.

Blue Nile signature diamond eternity hoop earrings set in platinum at Blue Nile



Don’t read this wrong, the 4 C’s are there for a reason, but think of them more as a guideline. Unless you have very deep pockets where you can afford to only purchase flawless, D-colored diamonds, chances are you will have to divert a bit from the 4 C’s. The trick is to know the 4 C’s and find a happy medium for what you want versus what you are able to purchase. We recommend purchasing the best quality diamond you can afford which you also love.


Diamond Misconception #8. Inclusions are Never Ok.

One carat round classic halo diamond engagement ring F/VVS1 set in 14K rose gold at Blue Nile


We hate to break it to you, but inclusions are not the big, bad wolf some people will have you to believe. Some prospective buyers hear that a stone has inclusions and instantly dismiss it. The key instead is to find which diamond grades include inclusions which can be seen with the naked eye (such as I & SI) as opposed to those which require a microscope to view any inclusions (such as VS & VVS).


Diamond Misconception #9. Diamond Engagement Rings Are Very Expensive.

Plain shank floating halo engagement ring set in 14K white gold at Blue Nile


We all know that prices for diamond engagement rings are sky high, but you don’t need to be made out of money to afford a diamond engagement ring. There are many economical diamond engagement rings on the market that there is absolutely no reason anyone would be unable to find their ideal diamond engagement ring. Today, you can find engagement rings of any color, cut, clarity which can fit your budget.


Diamond Misconception #10. Colored Diamonds Are Cheaper than Colorless Diamonds.


Simon G. nature’s prime diamond pendant set in 18K white and rose gold at Whiteflash


Sure, you can find a colored diamond that is inexpensive when compared to a white diamond. However, colored diamonds are rare whereas white diamonds are fairly common. Rarity always increases price so if you have your heart set on a colored diamond, you may have to increase your diamond budget a bit more than expected.


There you have it PriceScopers. The final part of diamond misconceptions. Now, combined with the knowledge located within our site, you should have all the tools necessary to make an informed decision for any future diamond purchases.


What advice would YOU give to a first time diamond buyer? Let us know on the PriceScope forums.


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