10+ ctw-Christmas in July

10+ ctw-Christmas in July

TheGeckoLady shared this amazing 10+ ct diamond ring on the Show Me The Bling Community at PriceScope.com. Prepare yourselves for some DSS going into this one, because this giant rock may those diamonds shrink a bit!


Quite the Christmas Gift from Grandma

TheGeckoLady’s grandma decided to gift this rather than will it and what a wonderful moment they got to share. The passing of a jewel of this magnitude will be remembered forever. TheGeckoLady played with her Grandma’s jewels as a child, she had the bug early it seems, and her Grandma knew and appreciated her fellow jewelry lover. What an amazing gift, I’d love to see some updates about this ring!


To read more of the story and see more, visit the ring pics here.

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By Kayti Kawachi

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