Orange Diamonds

Orange Diamonds – Basics

Orange diamond are among the most cherished of natural fancy colored diamonds. Only 1 carat out of every 10,000 carats mined is a natural fancy colored diamond, making rarer colors with high saturation extremely valuable.

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Orange Diamonds Described

Pure orange diamonds are very rare, as it is more common to find orange diamonds with secondary colors. Larger orange diamonds with natural vivid color command high prices at auction and make headlines, as they seldom appear. The 4.19 carat fancy vivid orange diamond (below) sold for a record price of $2.95 million in October 2011. The size and vivid color of the stone make it one of the finest natural orange diamonds to date. Another renowned fancy vivid orange diamond, the 5.54 carat “Pumpkin,” was worn by Halle Berry at the 2002 Academy Awards.

4.19-carat Orange Diamond Ring sold at Sotheby's for $2.96 million.
Photo: Sotheby’s
4.19-Carat Fancy Vivid Orange Diamond Ring

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Orange Diamond Details

Cause of Color: Color in orange diamonds is likely caused by structural irregularities in combination with the presence of trace elements like nitrogen, though exact cause of color is still being studied.

Secondary Colors: Orange is the color between red (pink) and yellow so common secondary colors in orange diamonds include, pinkish orange, yellowish orange, and if the color is darker and/or desaturated, brownish orange.

Rarity: Pure orange diamonds devoid of secondary colors rare and rather expensive. It is more common to find orange diamonds with secondary hues.

Grading: Orange diamonds are graded as Faint Orange, Very Light Orange, Light Orange, Fancy Light Orange, Fancy Orange, Fancy Intense Orange, Fancy Dark Orange, Fancy Deep Orange, and Fancy Vivid Orange.

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Orange Diamond Gallery

Yellowish Orange Diamond.
Posted by kismet
.31-Carat Yellowish Orange Diamond

Fancy vivid yellow orange diamond with .93ct fancy light yellow diamond.
Posted by acebruin
.42-Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange Diamond (right)

Orange Diamond
Posted by LovingDiamonds
.12-Carat Orange Diamond

Posted by Kenny
.33-Carat Fancy Vivid Yellowish Orange Diamond

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