Would you buy this diamond without idealscope or ASET?


Jan 11, 2016
Hi Guys,

Just would like some expert opinion on the following diamond. I understand it will be basically buying blind but with all the details below would it be possible to make an educated assumption that this is a decent diamond for its price?

GIA 1156267279

1.26 ct. E VVS 1
Triple Ex.
$10375.82 USD

Table: 57%
Dept: 61.3%
Crown Angle: 35.0
Pavilion Angle: 40.8
HCA: 1.6
Enchanted Diamond Cut Score: 100


Nov 24, 2015
Hey mate - I can't comment on specific stones (against forum rules), but I see you've posted a few times without any replies - hopefully this will bump you up a bit and someone else on PS will see this (or your other post) and help you out.
In general, I will say that with diamonds, if something seems too good to be true it probably is.
Not speaking about this stone in particular, but ask yourself why would a diamond be so much cheaper than all the others you've come across? There may be any number of reasons for a 'cheap' diamond - you just want to make sure that whatever it is does not affect the stone itself:
*old inventory that supplier wants to get rid of
*supplier needs to pay some bills
*strong/very strong fluoro that affects the appearance
*vendor having a sale
*something wrong with the make/quality of the stone
*grading report not accurate
You can certainly find some great deals...just make sure you know what you're getting into before spending your money.
Hope this helps


Aug 8, 2005
Enchanted diamonss can't get you either? You asked? Even if you buy it, before they send it to you?

Vendor cut scores are generally meaningless. I've seen dogs get 100 at ED and beautiful stones get a 60.

Is it worh taking a chance on? Only you can decide that. I could take a chance on it because I own an ASET and an IS.

ED has a good return policy. If you buy an IS ($25 from David Atlas plus shipping). You take it yourself to a hearts on fire dealer and compare it. And are good about returning it in the return window (does EF pay return shipping?), then it might be worth a chance.

I can't give you a better answer than that.
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