Working from home anyone?

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Mar 26, 2006
The not working thread had me thinking...I would love to know if anyone gets to work from home, and if so, what your job is? I''m thinking of something that''s full-time, rather than supplementary income.

My story: I''m a freelancer right now and although I am looking to change careers, I can''t imagine giving up the freedom of setting my own schedule. I''d be perfectly happy to put in some time going to a workplace for say, 5 years, but would love to be able to work from home in general.
My fiance works from home and we get to travel often, something I''d hate to give up, and we''re both tech-savvy and mobile. I just have to decide what it is I''d like to do without giving up my current schedule so that I can phase myself out of my current work of freelance writing and editing.


Aug 24, 2006
I am working from home!! I am an attorney for the fed''l government. When they first announced the program I was sure that I didn''t want it because I thought I needed the human contact everyday. However it seemed that most of the people that I''d be socializing with at work or meeting with regarding cases were either working from home already or were signing up to work from home. So I decided to give it a shot. And as it turns out I love it!

The work environment was becoming tedious anyway due to upper management and some bad decisions they''d made. There was a lot of distrust and constant talk about what this person heard and that person heard or complaints about the situation. Now that I am at home I don''t have to deal with all of that. I am able to just do my work and concentrate on the task at hand. Plus the traffic in the area where I live is a nightmare and my commute is about an hour each way during rush hour. Obviously working from home solves the commute problem, and removes a lot of stress from my life. My being able to telework has kept me in my current position longer than if I''d stayed in the office. Now I go in once a week, or sometimes more if I have meetings.

Working from home has afforded me more peace of mind, and more flexibility and has made me more productive I think. Now I can have lunch with my Mom if I want, I can do my grocery shopping in the middle of the day and I can take a nap if I want to.
The best part is that I have been able to incorporate a volunteer position into my work day as well. And when/if I have kids I think it will help in being flexible with childcare.

I know I was very long-winded, but I hope my experience helps you decide. My biggest piece of advice is to find a reason to leave the house each day. That helps to break up the montony!


Nov 19, 2006
I am working from home twice a week and on occasions, more often than that. I started working from home ever since I had my baby at the start of this year. The investment bank that I work in is supportive of working home from and has provided the equipment (laptop with remote access) for me to do my work. Fortunately for me, I am in a role where I work with people from outside my location anyway, so it does not make any difference whether I am working in the office or working from home. I must say that it has offered me the flexibility to juggle between familiy and work..
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