Wonderful experience Mark/Chris @ ERD - vintage cushion


Feb 13, 2011
Since I learned so much from PS (thanks for all your help!) I figured I had to post pictures and tell my story of finding my new engagement ring and how ERD was great.

Center Stone: GIA Certified
Cushion Old Mine Brilliant
1.81ct, SI1, F
7.52x6.85x 4.68mmx (1.1)
68% depth
53% table
Culet: Slightly Large
Polish: VG
Symmetry: G
ERD cut: “A cut beyond”

I began my search a few months ago with the mandate of finding a squarish diamond and a simple Cartier inspired cathedral setting. I started my search surfing all of the PS pages. Cushions with large facets (vintage) quick grabbed my attention and I wanted to find something between 1.5 and 2cts. I searched high and low in D.C. for a squarish cushion brilliant between 1.5 and 2cts (F-H) and had no success. After talking with a number of supplier and waiting for them to “order” diamonds I saw lots of cushions but none were even close to what I wanted. All were w/o large vintage facets and none even close to the right size, color range and clarity. Additionally, many had bad light performance or the crushed ice look (which I do not like).

After reading so many great reviews of Mark and Engagement Rings Direct (ERD) I decided to give them a call. To my surprise Mark picked up the phone and we had a nice talk about what exactly I wanted and my timing parameters. I said I wanted a cushion with a vintage cut, just under 2cts, slightly off square also not rounded, F-H and eye clean with my budget. I had decided to take a trip up to NYC on a Sat three weeks later to look at diamonds and Mark promised he would have a number of examples for me to view. He also was upfront with the fact that he was on his anniversary that weekend and made arrangement to have Chris come in to the office to meet me. I also arranged meetings with two other dealers the same day. As I came closer to my trip Mark reached out to me to give me an update on the diamonds he pulled aside. All sounded like a perfect fit. My other two dealers said something similar (although being a little pushy about what was reasonable to expect with my parameters).

I arrived on that Saturday and spent 1 hour with Chris who was great! He showed me the four diamonds the Mark pulled aside plus a
number of others. All perfectly fit my parameters with slight differences and all were a reasonable value. They also all were at or below my price limit giving me a nice range of value to chose from. For example I decided I liked 1.1 ratio over 1.05 (they had both). After finding two that were perfect but priced differently due to size and color I decided to think about it. Chris told me to take as much time as I wanted. I went on to see another dealer that came highly recommended by a friend (not PS) and was showed 12 diamonds. NONE had large facets. NONE! The last dealer I was unable connect with as they did not normally work on Sat and a possible meeting turned into no meeting. Lastly, a dealer I had seen weeks before said they finally were able to source me two stones form Isreal. I saw these on that Sunday and again they were not a vintage cut. Infuriating.

I selected a stone from ERD and began the process of designing a custom platinum band. This process involves CAD images, reviewing resin molds, making adjustments then oking the design. Chris was great as we tweaked a standard ERD design. It took three CADs and molds and I came to a design I really liked. From first CAD to last we decreased the height of the diamond (lower cathedral as my GF is clumsy), pinched the band as it comes into the stone and changed the base of the cathedral. Although I was a little worried about the CAD (they are not a perfect match) the resin mold was a good match and had all the characteristics I wanted. Chris was great through this process taking pictures each step of the way (no more trips to NYC) and offering advice. After a week or so the ring was delivered and the diamond set.

In the end the ring came out just how I wanted. Lots of credit goes to Chris and Mark & ERD for their help and assistance along the way.





Jan 12, 2011
Congradulations! It's a beautiful ring :appl:


Mar 3, 2013
Gorgeous ring! I am in the beginning stages of resetting my wedding ring and someone on this forum directed me to Mark. I left him a message and didn't hear back, so I put a call in late this afternoon. My call was given to Chris and he was polite and extremely knowledgable. After speaking with him, I'm definitely leaning towards giving my business to ERD.
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