Why does Tacori 2584RD65 have two different styles?


Oct 16, 2015
Is it just me or do these two rings look different? One is from the Simply Tacori collection and the other is from Pretty in Pink.

My fiance and I went to our jeweler to set our gorgeous asscher diamond in the Simply Tacori #2584 setting but received the Pretty in Pink #2584 in white gold. Although the nuances are subtle, the simply tacori has daintier and more angular prongs while the band tapers to a point at the center stone. The pretty in pink one has a more prominent and square looking prongs while the band is wider where it meets the center stone.

It took me a while to explain to the jeweler that the rings were different. I should also mention that they only had the pretty in pink one in the store and didn't have the other so we couldn't physically juxtapose the two. She was adamant that they were the same exact ring because they have the same style number but she ultimately realized that they were a bit different. Even after she specified the ring that we preferred in the order form, we received the other one that looked slightly different.

Needless to say, my ring is gorgeous and I love it. However, the simply tacori ring was my dream ring and feel like we should have gotten the ring that we ordered in the first place. If Tacori had assigned different style numbers to these two rings, I don't think we would have had any issues. Why would Tacori assign the same style number to their rings if they are not completely identical?

I can anticipate that confronting our jeweler about this will only cause more confusion or she might just say "the style number is the same so it is what it is". I can either keep the current ring or bring up this issue and have them make me a brand new one. I'd really hate for them to have to adjust my current ring because that might cause more issues in the future.

Any suggestions are most appreciated!






Apr 10, 2015
Maybe they use different prongs/head depending on the stone size or shape? The smaller prong design might not adequately cover the corners of the asscher. Either way I would inquire with the jeweler to see what is going on.
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