Who do you have set your stones? Who would you choose for a Richard Homer?

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Nov 10, 2006
I''m planning on buying an orange or light green stone, most likely a Richard Homer concave cut stone, and while it would look very pretty sitting on my dresser, I think it''d be nicer on my finger! :)

It seems many online jewelers won''t set stones the customer provides, or they only work with diamonds and sapphires. In person at local jewelers the response has been the same (I''m assuming because they make most of the money from the markup on stones; bring them my own would be work for little profit for them).

I''m interested in an antique-inspired setting, such as a halo setting.

Which jewelers have all you colored stone afficionadas gone to to set your lovely stones?


Apr 5, 2006
Keep in mind, there is always a chance they can break it; which makes it a risk some of them just don''t want to take. A recent customer bought a bi-color tourmaline from me. He had a ring created at his local jeweler. When it came back, he saw an inclusion in the stone, and he knew the inclusion was not there when he brought the stone in. After some arguing, the jewelry store sent it to a gemologist, who concluded that happened because the jeweler ran it through an ultra-sonic cleaner after setting it. All in all, it has become a big hassle for this guy.


Feb 22, 2007
If the jeweler sent a soft stone through an ultrasonic then the jeweler wasn''t worth the salt. Also, steamers can break stones. The sudden change in temp can crack it.

Travis Waldeland does an excellent job setting stones. His shop is in Minnesota though.


May 14, 2003
I was in the exact same position as you. Feel free to check out the stones I bought from Richard in the gallery, since I ended up buying an orange and green stone.

Obviously the setting is very important...

Here are a couple things I learned...

a high end spessertite will be about 500/ct, and a tsavorite will be about 1500/ct, give or take depending on the cutter. Richard Homer is premium, and well worth it in my opinion.

So when you go to choose a setting, depending on the cost of the stone and type of setting you choose...the setting could end up surpassing the cost of the stone rather easily. To me that doesn''t make alot of sense, however the settings I chose were close to a 1:1 ratio on stone/setting for dollar spent. Which I think most people would say is rather high. However, I don care. :)

Leon Mege was the first place I started. His stuff is amazing, and can give you alot of ideas. He is less expensive than many high end settings, and obviously his will be custom. However, his customer service and interaction wasnt what I wanted.

I ended up choosing a woman recommended highly on this site, named Maytal Hoffman. I chose a couple settings my wife and sister loved, and sent her the stones. Her prices are more than fair, and if they turn out the way many of her other settings have I will be more than pleased.

I expect the rings to be here in the next 4-6 weeks, and if you can wait for the results it may help in your descision making process.


Pandora II

Aug 3, 2006
I''m working with Wink, who is lovely - and you can watch him on Pricescope TV

I didn''t buy my stone from Richard Homer but Wink works with him a lot.
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