Who can you trust?

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Dec 7, 2001
I've been lurking the board here after spending many hours going thru this AWESOME site. It really is a great resource. I'm recently in the market for ANOTHER ring and decided to do some MORE homework this time. Actually, I did pretty well on my first diamond purchase. Spent 3,200 on a ring that appraised for 6,800... Not bad for a neophyte. Anyway, my connection is gone and I have a couple of leads on "good, honest" jewelers. I plan on making appts to meet with them. However, I kept asking myself, "How do I get the best deal?"... Well, I currently work in NYC. My office is located on the corner of Ave of the Americas and 46th St. For anyone in the diamond business, I don't need to tell you where that is... Actually, my dept was in the WTC and we had to move to this location, but that's a story for another time... I'm being side-tracked. Here's my question...

Everyone is afraid of an internet purchase because they feel they could be ripped off. But, how can you trust a brick and mortar jeweler any more than you can trust an "on-line" one. Yes, you see the diamond, but you jewelers know every trick in the book. Even if the diamond is right in front of me! You certainly do NOT get a "cozy" feeling walking down 46th Street that these guys are looking to give you the best deal. And this is at THE place to buy a diamond in the whole country! Who can you trust? I do plan on visiting the places that were recommended by friends, but I would like to visit several REPUTABLE dealers to get an idea of price vs. quality...

BTW, I do know that I'm looking for a 1.7"ish" Princess cut... She said 2 carats, but come on now! :))

Thanks in advance for any input/comments.


Dec 31, 1999
Hi TheKid, :)

Well you're not the first and the last one who's got the same doubts/questions.

On the other hand working on this site for over 1½ year now I can tell that there are very knowledgeable and trustworthy jewelers out there including Internet and B&M world. Plus there are independent experts (gemologists and appraisers) who will work for you to protect your interests.

If you haven’t done it yet check out the following links on this site:

Obviously, as more you’ll be able to educate yourself and see and compare different diamonds as more chances you’ll have to get the right diamond for the right price.

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
You could buy an ideal-scope and walk into the 100's of stores there on 47th and just by looking at lots of stones, you will become an expert cut appraiser. The rest is on the cert, and you could learn to read them.
Good lunch time pursuit.
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