Which stone is the better one

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Mar 17, 2007

Do high crown angles affect a round diamonds brilliance and scintillation? Most everything I have read says they do. I am torn between 2 diamonds. Both stones are nice however I need to pick one. Both their proportions are within the ideal cut range except that the 1.28 GIA FVS1 stone has high crown angles. I was told that this knocked the stone down from an excellent GIA rating to a Very Good rating.

One diamond is an ideal cut AGS000 FVS2 1.14 for 9500.00. The other is an ideal cut GIA all Very Goods on the cert, FVS1 1.28 (this is the stone with the high crown angles) for 10,500.00.

I compared both stones side by side on my bare hand in the store, under regular lighting not the usual bright store lights. The AGS000 1.14 stone seemed a bit better with more white brilliance and sparkle. When I compared the stones on my hand by the window(in a more natural outside light) the other GIA ideal cut 1.28 stone seemed to stand out a bit more showing more spectral sparkle than the AGS 1.14 stone (which only seemed to show a white sparkle, no spectral colors) when I moved my hand. The store told me because of the higher crown angles on the GIA 1.28 stone it would show more scintillation outside than inside. I thought a good ideal cut diamond was supposed to sparkle, have fire and scintillation in both types of light or was I just comparing them wrong and missing the spectral light on the AGS 1.14 stone? I want to purchase and ideal diamond and I do like the size of the 1.28 however, I want to purchase the better quality diamond.

I know a lot is personal preference but would you please let me know which stone you think is the better deal?



Jun 29, 2006
get the stats on them.... diameters, depths, pavillion and crown angles, and table... and then we''ll have enough to go on based on numbers. OR - use your eyes and choose the one you prefer!
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