Which scattered band?


Apr 24, 2011
I've been looking for a scattered band that could possibly be stacked with my e-ring and with a five stone (BGD's Sally, u-prong with knife edge) that I'm getting (that can be stacked with both of them, but I'm not trying to stack all the three at the same time). I wanted (a) a band no more than 3mm; (b) that can be stacked with both rings safely; (c) with some diamonds
Actually found some thread on this website and it seems that narrow scattered band are hard to find. But then I found these two:

1. Knife edge scattered band from EXCEL; 10 stones, 0.15 total, VG cut; $1500

The picture doesn't look too clear but it sounds appealing

2. Corazon knife edge scattered diamond band from WF: 20 stones, total 0.06 c.; $650

Just from what I seem to know from this forum: EXCEL does good Tiffany replica and WF's stones are good, but the WF one has 20 stones yet with much less total carat weight; doesn't mean that all diamonds in Corazon is freakishly small?

I have three questions: I really don't know what type of setting would rub against a diamond ring that's stacked to it; is the knife-edge okay to be placed together with a U-prong five stone and a regular e-ring? (Probably not for the e-ring, but I'm not sure about the former). I do really like the knife-edge feel of it.
How would it look together with a u-prong five stone? I'm having a hard time picturing them together.
And which one among the two would you choose?

Many thanks in advance!


Jan 3, 2005
Diamond bands with exposed girdles are the one's that cause the damage to rings worn next to it. There probably is a good chance your U-prong would indeed scratch the e-ring. A lot of gals just get a super thin spacer to wear between. Do you have a Tiffany's near you? If so, I'd go in and try on their knife edge wedding band with your U-prong and see how you like the look. The link for the WF ring didn't work but I'd probably go with the one with the larger carat weight out of the 2 you posted.
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