Which are the best options to look for?

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Jan 27, 2003
When viewing a diamond through the naked eye, does it make a ton of difference if you were to compare a super ideal cut vs ideal or good cut. Or do you just recognize those differences through an eyepiece? Also, when mounting a ring on platinum, at what letter does it start to show to the naked eye?

Joe (I''m sure I''ll have more questions soon)


Oct 30, 2002
A well cut stone will definitely look better aka different than a poor or okay cut stone. a good example of this is to look at website and view one of their superbcert well cut stones. On the brilliancescope animation report page they have a comparison of that stone's brilliancescope animation to a regular 'mall' diamond typical brilliancescope. Take this with a grain of salt as it is a way of marketing the stone....BUT it does have a definite ring of truth. It's a good way to see the difference between what probably is an okay cut diamond (mall stones typically are not ideal cut stones), and a well cut stone (the superbcert H&A probably is pretty close to great). You will see a pretty noticeable difference in the way the stones sparkle, the light they pick up, etc. It's a good way to see what you are considering side by side.

I think this is the same diamond I posted to you before, but this is the link to the brilliancescope animation for this stone. At the bottom you will see the comparison between this superbcert stone and a mall stone animation.

On the color question, that is really a preference thing. For example, if you have hawkish eyes, you may detect a hint of color in a platinum setting at a G or H. Others may not see it until an I or J. Others still may not even see it until a K or L. I have seen clean I diamonds in plat that don't have a hint of yellow. Others may disagree. It really depends on the stone itself, and the preference of the person viewing. If you want to stay on the safe side, I would not go above a G in color. I have not seen a G that is not white yet, though others may have. If you want to be VERY SAFE, stay within the E/F range as that is still 'colorless'. H could be a tricky area..but again, it depends on the stone and the person viewing. Keep in mind the more you go into the colorless range the more markup you will pay. I would suggest something along the lines of an F VS if you want to be safe on all counts. Since you were considering an IF you can take some of that money you were paying for the IF and put it towards a better color than an H.
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