Where to Sell Diamonds?


May 9, 2016

I have two medium price diamonds to sell so I can earn some money, actually large amount. My problem is that in the country where I am from, there are almost none legitimate companies willing to buy diamonds from individual persons. I still managed to find one, visited them personally and their employee couldn't believe what I brought. Although I am still adamant that my diamonds are NOT that much high, the employee told me in their 10+ business history, noone has brought so worthy ones as I did. They weren't able to buy them (so i didn't sell them), after doing the revision, due to too high price. For my opinion this is complete lie, I also said diamonds are medium prices and not high ones. Not even close to be expensive comparing to what some other people on ebay are selling and/or what are some of your members talking about (i did quick review on your forum). However this paragraph is offtopic to my question I want to ask.

Finally the purpose of my post: I am looking for 100% trustworthy, legitimate, serious with high references companies, preferable but NOT required (i can ship worldwide) European companies who are willing to buy diamonds without the value limits. I noticed some of your members are experts in such diamonds knowledge with longterm experiences and I wonder if anyone could suggest me any online place where could I sell them? No ebay or its alternative. Please only trustworthy, real, legitimate buying companies to sell them to. I am very much afraid to be scammed or that I would work with thieves. This is the reason why I want to see your professional suggestion - perhaps someone of you has already sold diamond. Will never sell them on a visit to individual person because of very obvious reason - never know what kind of person, with what kind of background would I meet and you surely know what I am referring to.

From company buyer I would have the following requirements:

- obviously 100% trustworthy so i know i won't get scammed

- my money should be shipped to me in EURO currency in physical package so physical cash via logistic courier such as fedex, ups, gls, dhl express,... Not wire or ewallets. Trustworthy and legitimate ( ! ) company references will therefore guarantee me that possibility of forged EURO will be 0 %.

- preferable but not required European company

- estimated time for revision and time of providing to me tracking id to track logistic procedure of package with EURO cash must be preannounced

Thats it. Did anyone of you had any good experience with buyers - companies buying them? I did a lot of google research, noticed that some companies that are selling them are actually also buying them but I would like to hear/read/see YOUR opinion too.

I am assuming several company buyers are trustworthy - this opinion I have is based on several factors such as research for potential scam on, references on their website, research with keyword of their company on google, their webpage, etc. However assuming something can result as being wrong also. Even if not being wrong, most of them, according to replies from their representatives, don't ship physical cash but pay via national or international bank transfer which isn't an option for me.

Thank you in advance,

Kindest regards.


Jul 21, 2004
The problem here is that the likelihood that YOU are a scammer is approaching 100%. No credible buyer would come close to agreeing to what you ask. In fact, that might be a good test. If they will agree to your terms, they're crooks, fools or both, and you don't want to be involved with them. I"m reminded of the Groucho Marx quote about not wanting to join any club that would be willing to have him.


Mar 2, 2016
How much is considered "medium price"? (price range etc.)

I find it odd that you are requesting for cash payment, when a bank wire would be much more trustworthy. The bank would verify that the payment is all valid currency.

How would a buyer be able to verify the diamonds? Do you have it certified by an appraiser?


Jun 2, 2013
All the EU countries, Canada, the U.S., and many other nations have anti-money laundering & terrorism financing statutes and regulations; violations of these can carry civil legal consequences, even criminal penalties. Moreover, many dealers have voluntarily adopted additional "best practices." What you seek will raise red flags -- for more than one reason -- for any legit dealer or company.


May 3, 2001
Denver Appraiser said it well. The terms, cash, no traceable wire transfer etc, are a recipe to be either sending to a crook or to a law enforcement sting trying to catch those willing to circumvent anti money laundering laws. Wither way the result is NOT favorable to the money sender...



Apr 24, 2015
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