Where to find gold settings with palladium alloy


Sep 2, 2011
Hello all. Please have patience with me, I am brand new at this!

When I got pregnant with our first son, my wedding and engagement rings started giving me a horrible, red, itchy rash. That was almost seven years ago and I still can't wear them now. They are 18k white gold with nickel alloy, which the jeweler and my doctor agreed was the problem. Now DH would like to replace my settings, and asked me to find my top 5 favourite and then let him decide which to get. I thought this was going to be a blast but I was very, very wrong lol.

In order to avoid another allergic reaction, I need to go with either palladium, or 18k white gold with a palladium alloy. Platinum is out because of the cost. I'm leaning toward 18k white gold with the palladium alloy rather than the nickel alloy but where can I find those online?! I live in a very small town now with no decent jewelry stores, and I'm going to have to find a setting online. I've found plenty of sites, but nowhere that specifies their settings are with palladium and not nickel.

So in short, can I please get some links to sites that sell such gold settings, and to sites that sell palladium settings, since I haven't found many of those either. :D

Thanks so much!!!


Apr 4, 2010
what kind of setting are you looking for? solitaire/pave/three stone? and what is your budget?

I think some jewelers use a palladium alloy of WG, or you could go with a palladium setting (although my understanding is that not as many jewelers will work on palladium). I tried to do a search but I couldn't find anything...I suppose if you find a setting you like you could ask the jeweler? hopefully some other people will know which jewelers work with Ni-free white gold

also I think gold and platinum are around the same cost now because the price of gold has risen so if you like platinum I would check on the cost...


Feb 14, 2005
Platinum isn't that much more than gold these days - I'd check the prices once you decide on a setting.

I know Jewels by Erica Grace does a palladium alloy - hth!


Jul 27, 2011
Engagement Rings Direct (ERD) has palladium white gold (but I do not know if it is entirely nickel free), palladium, and platinum options.

I ended up having my setting made in platinum because the difference in price between white gold and platinum was a matter of a few hundred dollars, due to the rise in gold prices.

I worked with Chris - he is just super nice and easy going and a joy to work with.

Whiteflash also has a palladium white gold option, but it is a little more than the nickel white gold option. They also have a palladium option for some settings.

Sometimes all the metal options are not listed on a vendor's site, but that doesn't mean that they can't create a setting in the metal alloy of your choice. I only found out about Whiteflash having palladium white gold by contacting them.

Do you have a particular setting style in mind?
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