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May 21, 2003

Before I share my story, I'd like to thank Pricescope for creating such a wonderful website for the public. I have personally learned so much about diamonds. As a result of the research I did on Pricescope, I purchased two ideal cut RBC diamonds for stud earrings (2.01 cts and 2.05 cts) and I am very happy with my purchase and would like to share my experience. By doing so, I hope it would help people who are in the researching/buying as many others who had shared their experiences on Pricescope had helped me. I am forever grateful to them.

After 5 months of searching, I finally made a purchase two weeks ago. Based on what I learned on Pricescope, I decided on generic ideal cut diamonds with dimensions similar to Hearts and Arrow diamonds. I searched on Pricescope and got quite a list of diamonds. Then came the hard part of matching two diamonds. I was very concerned about the possibility of matching two different stones from two different suppliers. I did not know how difficult it was to do that. What if they do not match, would I had to ship them back and forth and what about all the shipping charges. It was time to talk to the pros.

I selected three vendors listed on pricescope: ADOL, USAcerted and They seemed to have very competative prices and did quite a fair amount of business. I also checked consumers' feedbacks on Pricescope and their written sales and return policies. I then talked/emailed to them on the phone about the process of purchasing diamonds and ask them whether it would be hard to match two diamonds possibly from two different suppliers plus my list of other questions, etc. They were all very responsive, friendly and answered my questions patiently.

To my surprise I found that ADOL is located in the same city that I live in. I decided to visit their store downtown. I was in their store talking to them for about 90 minutes, They are really nice people. Yes, I did grill them about that one guy that was not very happy about his experience; but not about the merchandise he purchased but something about a missing scope. I got ADOL'S side of the story and I was satisfied with their explanation. I selected ADOL to work with me primarily because they are located near where I live. As it turned out, it was the best diamond buying experience I've had in my life and I have had quite a lot buying experiences over the years mostly in NYC's diamond district. Prior to finding Pricescope and its vendors, I did talk to five "dealers" based in NYC to get some quotes. They all had what I called the NY jewelry sales people's syndrome, i.e., too much wheeling dealing, snake oil salesmanship. I could not believe I had endured it all those years when I lived back east.

Back to ADOL- within two weeks of my first contact, Duane was able to locate two matching diamonds from one (not two) supplier who was matching them up to make stud earrings for the Las Vegas Show. I spoke to Duane on a Thursday afternoon, he faxed the two certificates to me right after we talked. Next day I was able to view the actual diamonds in their store around noon time. Because I was going to see the stones in their store, they did not require that I pay for them upfront, just a mere $200 good faith money authorized on my credit card. Beth from their store took me across the street to see an independent graduate gemologist (GG) who runs a gem lab and whom I had actually hired to do some insurance appraisal work a few years ago. The gemologist is well known in our city and I totally trust her. The GG authenticated the stones against the certificates. Remembering that I had read on Pricescope Forum about different certificates may have different opinions about diamond grades (i.e., color and clarity), I asked about the grading of the stones on the certificates and was happy to hear that the gemologist agreed with the certificates' specifications. THIS IMPORTANT SERVICE WAS PROVIDED WITHOUT CHARGE PRIOR TO PURCHASE. I liked the stones at first but the GG's opinion was really what sealed the deal for me. I decided then and there to make the purchase. Next Beth took me to a jewelry findings store to see all kinds of actual earring settings, not pictures from a catalogue. I picked out platinum settings but had to order the extra large La-Pousette platinum backs which would take a week to arrive. Can you believe it! Diamonds were overnighted and diamond backs --- well maybe they had to come from France!

A week later, I picked up my 4.06ct RBC ideal cut studs from ADOL, Beth walked me back to the GG's office who confirmed that the stones in settings were the same diamonds as described by the certificates. I just love my earrings; I've been wearings them ever since that day.

Let me say it again: this was the best diamond buying experience I've had in my life. Thank you Duane! Thank you Beth! Thank you Pricescope! Lastly, let me just say to the people who live within driving distance of Portland, OR., ADOL is definitely worth the drive. They are wonderful, super nice, and honest folks who will help with all your jewelry needs. To the folks at ADOL: thank you so much and you will definitely see me again.

God Bless!


Feb 22, 2003
Wonderful story, GemLove! Now where's the eye candy??

Eye candy! Eye Candy! We want Eye Candy!

I've emailed and spoke with the folks at Trade Shop. I love their websites, ADOL and TS. They are folksy, warm, and friendly. Glad you had a truly great experience. Sounds like they made the whole event fun for you. And,.... What a coupe! Stealing a set of earrings that should be at the Vegas show!!!!

Please do post pics. We'd luv to see your new ear bobs.


Jan 1, 2003
Oh my, and I thought my 1.00 ctw were fine! I can't wait to see pictures!!
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