Where to buy a ring setting?


Jan 19, 2011
Hope this is the right forum? I've decided to save for my dream ring, and so, while I'm saving, I've made the decision to buy a high quality CZ (heart shaped) and have it set locally. I'm looking for a vender to supply a heart-shaped bezel setting that sits low, and has pave, in white gold. I'm not seeing any on offer in the vendors sites. Does anyone know where I can find what I'm looking for?

Thanks :angel:


Aug 8, 2005
Rocky Talky is the best forum. But no worries. I can help you here. I am excited that your 5 stone is getting there tomorrow. I can't wait and hope you love it!

Your talking about a $1,500-$2000 setting for a CZ.

I would NOT do that. You won't be able to re-use it for your eventual heart diamond. A bezel is too hard to fit to any other stone, especially in a heart.

It's a poor choice, financially, frankly.

If you are going to do a heart CZ and want a pave shank I would recommend one of these:

Or just this one, no pave: (I think you can get this one two tone too, so you can do rose and white)

Through IDJ you can get the plain one in 14kt for probably less than 500. And the pave one for less than a 1000.

And he can probably get you a CZ for it too.

Or if you want something truly temporary, then this setting:
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