Where do I start?

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May 15, 2003
I am ready to begin looking for an engagement ring. I can spend around $6000 except I have no idea what this can buy, nor do I know where to begin.

What do I need to know about diamonds? (I know nothing).
What can I get for this price?
Where are the best, most honest deal(er)s?
How are jewelers in shopping malls?

Any help or direction would be much appreciated.

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Feb 26, 2003
Welcome - you've come to the right place!

It is preferable to see stones in person to find out what you like. There is so much to choose from! The bad thing is that you can save significant money buying over the 'net.

As for education, this site has a great tutorial to get you started. After that, there are many reputable vendors who post here who will treat you right. Some are internet only, some have both a "bricks and mortar" store and an internet presence.

There are also independent appraisers who post at Pricescope who can give you piece of mind and a second opinion if you choose to buy over the net.

The hardest part might be to determine your preferences. Which color is right for you? Which shape? How many inclusions will you tolerate? Is size the most important thing (i.e. you can buy a 1 carat stone for $3,000 or $20,000)? Can you see and are you willing to pay for a "super-ideal" cut stone over a lesser make? Are you comfortable buying over the internet sight unseen? Do you want a custom setting? Etc., etc.!

Remember yo have fun with it!



Mar 13, 2003
What do I need to know about diamonds? (I know nothing).
-Learn about cut. The tutorial on this site is a good place to start. Figure out your personal preferences too: how sensitive to color are you, how important is it to you to have something that looks cleaner under the microscope, etc. Go to some brick and mortar stores and start looking at stones in person.

What can I get for this price?
-If you do a search on this site you'll start to get a good idea of that. I just took a look and it seems like you can get something for about .9-ish to 1.15-ish carats.

Where are the best, most honest deal(er)s?
-Several of the reputable vendors often mentioned here include: Jonathon of GoodOldGold, Barry at Superbcert (I chose to buy from him after months of research), the folks at Whiteflash, Robin and Todd at Nice Ice.

How are jewelers in shopping malls?
-Be very wary of them. There are exceptions, but in general the markup is big. The salespeople also can be difficult and don't know much about cut. They may have years of experience, but most don't stay up-to-date on recent advances in the industry.

Have fun! Don't be afraid to ask basic questions. Don't feel pressured to buy quickly--there will always be good stones out there. Good luck!


Oct 30, 2002
My FAVORITE type of post. Since I am waiting for my better half to get out of the shower...I will do a little research on Pscope.

Not knowing anything about your are a few contenders. But FIRST I suggest you go into a jeweler and look a few stones. Why? Well I don't know if you are buying offline or online (online there are great deals on WELL cut stones to be had..and less bs), but you should get an idea of what 'color' you feel comfortable with. The average ranges are maybe E/F/G/H, but depending on your eye, one may look better than another. Also clarity is important. I suggest VS1, VS2 or SI1 as those are affordable and still eye-clean (make sure the SI1's are eye clean).

So here is what I is what your $6k can get you online..from reputable online vendors.
1.03c F SI1 $6235 AGS0
1.04c G VS2 $6270 AGS0 Hearts and Arrows
1.09 E SI1 $6400 AGS 0
1.05 F SI1 $6598 AGS0 Hearts and Arrows A Cut Above SuperIdeal
1.02 H SI1 $5494 AGS0 Hearts and Arrows A Cut Above SuperIdeal

Don't have time right now but check out to see what Jonathan has in your budget. He has some great stones as well. All of the above should be knockouts, they are either hand-picked or cut for optimum light return or BOTH!

Have fun..and shop smart. Ask questions as you go along, but going into a store first to get an idea of what you like really helps.



Feb 22, 2003
Hey BoilerMaker! Welcome to the Forum!

First place to start. Well you've already done that. You've got your budget. You already know your pocketbook limit and that will help the search fall into place.

Second. Well, you've done that too. You found Price Scope. Wow you're already off to a GREAT start!

The key to what makes a diamond look great is CUT. All the sparks and flashes of light and color that grab your eye.

Start by reading the Tutorial from the link on the Price Scope homepage. As you find areas you want more info on, try searching the forum threads by subject. Reading posts in the forum is a great way to help put some of the Tutorial info into perspective. Can't find info on the topic you're looking for? Just post your question on the forum.

Get out and cruise jewelry counters. Look at different styles of cut and settings. You will learn if you want a Round Brilliant diamond, or a Square Cut like a Princess, Emerald, or Radiant. You'll also get a feel for your metal preference, do you want a solitaire or a ring with side stone accents, and a rough estimate of how much the setting will cost.

Beware of Jewelry store lighting!!! While cruising and deciding on taste preferences, don't get carried away and buy anything. Just Look!!! Jewelry stores are notorious for "special" lighting to make crappy diamonds look great.

Once you've learned about CUT and the rest of the diamond C's and you've decided on the style of diamond you want, start playing with the search engine on the Price Scope homepage (left hand side). It has preset dimensions to pull up better quality cut diamonds. All you have to do is enter color, clarity, and carat weight preferences. If you decide you want the ultimate SUPER Ideal cut, use the upper right hand search engine.

One thing you may notice on the regular search results pages are several vendors listing the same diamond for sale. The vendors are using a diamond broker "multiple listing" of diamonds available that they do not physically have possession of. There are vendors on Price Scope who physically have the diamonds they offer for sale. White Flash, Good Old Gold, Nice Ice, and Superb Cert just to name the biggies.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to post on the forum. The only dumb questions are the ones that don't get asked, and there's always someone here willing to help.

Good Luck in your quest for your perfect e-ring!


Nov 11, 2002
you have asked some pretty good questions!!
1) you got to find out what shape you want?
2)What is the price you want to spend, which you already know!that's good!
3)you shop the internet for the best deal you can find,call on a few and ask questions.
4) I would not recommend that you go below an si2 that is not an eye clean.
5) what kind of mounting do you want to get?is it somthing simple? or will it add on to your cost?

I am sure that if you speak to vendors on this forum they will gladly give you an answer and guide you to make the right choice!

good luck
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