What is the smallest size you''d rec for anniversary band? HELP!

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Feb 2, 2007
27 again!

So I just can''t decide. The problem is, I can''t find what I really want, so it looks like I''ll have to have it custom made, but I don''t want to do that unless I''m sure it will be perfect! I know I can''t be the 1st PSer to face such a dilemma. So...

I''ve eliminated the 3 stone ring. I wanted a round with pear sides or cushion with baguette sides, but we just can''t afford the size I really want - so that will have to wait!

I want a band. 5 stone, 10 stone, or maybe partial eternity. But I don''t know what size diamonds would look good since I''m wearing it by itself. Does anyone wear just a diamond band? If so, what size are your diamonds and do you like it? Would you go bigger or smaller? My finger size is a 6.5-7 if that helps.

I''ve got a few options. I could have Whiteflash make something. But I''d have to tell them what I want first! Which might be along the lines of kcoursolle''s beautiful 5 stone stunner. Except that I kind of wanted 10 stones for our 10 year anniversary. But maybe that just won''t work out. Ack..I don''t know!!!

Or Mark Morrell has a 9 stone that he said he could modify for 10 stones. They''d be 0.10ct each for a total of 1 carat. About 3mm wide.

Then there''s a B&M that actually is not local to me, but a friend swears by. She could make a 10 stone with the same specs as Mark''s. Obviously it wouldn''t look quite as super fabulous, but it would be less expensive.

Also - does clarity/color matter as much for diamonds of this size? The B&M said that G/H SI-1 would be fine for this type of ring. She also recommends palladium, which I know nothing about.

So you think the 0.10 stones would look OK on their own, or too small? I don''t want to go for the super blingy 3+ carat eternity band, but I also don''t want it to look too thin.

Thanks again!

- Adrienne


Apr 4, 2006
Hi, I typed in "1ctw eternity" beside the search bar at the top right of this page and there were lots of threads about this. Maybe you''ll see something helpful there?
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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