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What is current per carat cost?

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Mar 15, 2002
Can anyone assist me, I would like to know the current rap sheet rate for a 1 carat G VS1 as opposed to a .98 GVS1 same weight. Thanks RD


Dec 31, 1999
I really don't know what's on the rap sheet. It is a tool used by the industry, but it is not useful for consumers. The best way for consumers to gain knowledge about selling prices is to do a search on pricescope. Some dealers talk about the rap sheet and what a great deal they are giving you, but it is meaningless and is used to take advantage of customers. Rap doesn't take cut quality into consideration and is not indicative of what the dealer actually paid for the diamond.


Sep 3, 2000
Rapaport prices in the hands of the consumer are dangerous and totally unnecessary. The differnece between the .98 and the 1.00ct diamond in price per carat is about 85% of the same price for the .98 as the 1.00ct stone. Less the 2% less weight gives about a 17% savings. This just happens to be the difference in rapaport as in more reality based guides of pricing that we subscribe to.

You probably could find this to be the case on a search of Pricescope, too. If the round is an Ideal Cut, then the amount of difference diminishes to about 90% of the 1 carat price at .98ct in an ideal cut. This is because getting an ideal cut at .98 is not as justified if one could cut a slightly off-make 1.00ct stone. There are just som many more people who want a full 1.00ct than even a .98ct ideal cut. You pay a small premium for the just under the carat ideal cut stone...

I hope this helps you make a decsion or to know what you are doing. Giving anyone Rapaport pricing, especially in a vacuum, makes no sense and is truly not a useful service for all concerned..
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