What do you think of this marquise? Stuck in my head!

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Jan 18, 2014
I have just put a deposit down on this 0.83ct marquise cut diamond from My Diamond Zone. I first saw the diamond advertised a few months ago but decided to give myself some time to really think about whether I truly want it (I've been making some rash jewelry decisions lately! You know what I mean).

This week I've been thinking about it a lot so decided to pull the trigger and put a deposit down (to give me some time to clear out the jewelry box to raise funds for an awesome setting.)

Now I want to ask, from the pics and video - what do you very honest Pricescopers think of this stone? I know that having no AGS or GIA cert is the equivalent of Pricescope sacrilege, however Illya says the diamond bow tie is minimal and it lights up beautifully without the dark areas. (I have purchased from My Diamond Zone before and have had numerous conversations with Illya and the team at My Diamond Zone so I trust their statements about stones they have in their inventory.)

I am no diamond expert and from the video/pics, it just looks great to me. Would like to hear if there is anything in the EGL USA cert given or from the video/pics that should ring alarm bells or that I should ask questions about?





Dec 17, 2008
Can you return it if you are not happy with it? I personally dont like the bow-tie. I prefer the bow-tie faceting area to be
more "feathered" in/out. This stone is also a tad shallow for a marquise. However, with that being said, if you can play with it a
week or two and return it if its not what you expected then you can always order it and check it out.


Apr 10, 2015
I assume no ASET is available?

I agree with tyty333 that if the return policy is good then you might want to play with it to see how good the stone is. The faceting of that stone looks like it might actually produce a significant bowtie.

I've been looking at pear and marquise cuts and when the stone is loose the bowtie effect was minimal. But once mounted you could see the light loss and the band of the ring would dramatically increase the bowtie effect.

Bling it on

Jan 18, 2014
tyty333tyty333, do you see the bow tie mainly in the image provided or in the video also? I think i see bow tie in the image but i am no diamond expert and in the video the stone just looks nice to me.

I did ask Illya (My Diamond Zone owner) if the diamond displayed the bow tie effect and he said "The bow tie is minimal, the stone lights up beautifully without the dark areas."

The store has a solid return policy and even a buyback policy so i should really chill out and wait till i see it. Big bonus: the diamond was a fantastic price so that kind of pushed me over the edge to take a chance.

Solgen - i didn't know marquises/pears could be impacted by their mountings in terms of the bow-tie effect! Something to look out for if and when i do get it set into a ring
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