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Wedding round channel set reset - help!


Feb 21, 2007
I was given a gift of a round diamond band, channel set, in 18k yellow gold.
I'm not a huge fan of round stones in channel setting bands, as I do not like the empty spaces.
I've been toying with the idea of getting it reset. It has 7 .16 round stones.

Anyone have any experience, opinons, suggestions on resetting this band?
My questions are:

1) What does something like this even run? I know this is probably different for each ring, but anyone have any idea of an approximate ballpark of what it would cost to have the stones reset into a platinum setting? I'm thinking of U Prong...

2) What happens to the gold? Does it get melted down and can be used to make something else?

3) Any other questions I'm leaving out that I should be thinking of?
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