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Vol/w3 ratio


Sep 19, 2015
I am planning to take up gemstone faceting this year as a hobby primarily. Since I've been snooping around faceting diagrams mainly to see different varieties of the same cut and maybe get a better understanding of rough to polished I came across this vol/w3 ratio. On gemmology online someone described it as the volume the resulting gemstone would take up in a perfect cube with the sides consisting of the width of the Gemstone.

That's the first bit I found illogical because I thought the cube would have to be made up of the length of the stone or else parts of the finished stone would be sticking out of the cube or am I missing something? Another thing that ruined what little grasp I thought I had on the matter was that I found a faceting diagram with a vol/w3 greater than 1! How does that work? :confused:
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