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Views please on brilliancescope result for Princess

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Mar 3, 2003
Hi Everyone

Have had some analysis done on the 3.07 ct princess stone I am interested in buying. The results were:
White - the middle of the bar is exactly on the medium/high boundary
Color - the bar is right in the middle of high
Scint - all of the bar is in high but towards the lower end

I confess to being a little disappointed as the SARIN scores are in the AGA 1A category. However, having looked at some examples on the web, I notice that princess cuts almost invariably have White as their lowest socre.

I''d be interested to know what people think of this brilliance scope result and how difficult it would be to find a stone of this size with a noticeably better Brilliance Scope result (and which is F and VS2 or better).

Many thanks



Mar 21, 2001

You're beginning to see what my own research
over the past few years has indicated:
In Princess Cuts (and fancies in general),
the "numbers" do not always predict or correlate
with light performance.
Due to the architecture of this shape, it is much
more difficult to harness and maximize light output.
And you are correct; of the three light measurements
taken by the BrillianceScope, White Light(Brilliance)
usually and consistently tends to have the lower score.
Interestingly, some cutters have recently tried to
ratchet up White Light by either eliminating
the points(corners) of the Princess and/or
cutting to a H&A pattern. The results
thus far are inconsistent and in several cases Dispersion and Scintillation have also decreased.
I presume you were also given Idealscope analysis for this stone and are able to see the areas and extent of light leakage. If you are not entirely satisfied
with the BScope results of this Princess, keep in mind
that a high-light performance diamond in this size,
color, and clarity is not that easy to find.



Mar 3, 2003
Thanks Barry.
I have seen a firescope too but - as a novice - I find that much harder to interpret!
I guess I'd be interested to know whether people think that the Brilliance scope scores I've posted are pretty good for a princess of this size. I suppose the question in my mind is how many stones (with appropriate Sarin scores) would I have to have appraised before I find one with significantly better results than the current one? . I know some people offer stones online and post the brilliance scope scores - but I have not been able to find one which meets my other parameters (F or better, VS2 or better and 3 cts).
Any further advice much appreciated!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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