USA Certed Diamonds


Jan 2, 2018
I purchased a diamond through Martin at USA Cert Diamonds and I was weary. If you look at the reviews of him you'll get the same experience from everyone. I was very careful because the website looked like it was from 1995. I sent him an email but I was also doing working my way through his site. He called me up and told me that he'd do the leg work of find the diamond itself. So i told him what I was looking for and the budget I had - and he went to work. Came back once but it was a touch above my budget. Came back again and it was the perfect diamond. I asked him far too may questions because I was worried it wouldn't be perfect - it's hard buying an expensive thing that you've never seen in person (in my defense) but he was very good about it, patient with me and kept reassuring me it was a very good diamond. He even had some special measurements he was doing to determine how much sparkle and fire it had - not just relying on the certifications. From there, you wire him money. I was worried about that so I asked for his business number and looked it up. Then he mails you the diamond.

When I took it to my jeweler (who is a gemologist) who made my ring - he asked how much I spent on the diamond itself. When I told him - his jaw dropped. He said it was better then the pricing he could get himself and that the diamond would be eligible for reappraisal in the GIA certificate as higher then it was already reviewed.

Basically, Martin found me an amazing diamond. In total, before Martin, I reviewed probably around 300-400 diamonds on my own - and he found me the best one. He's extremely trust worthy (which is what you want when you wire someone that much money) and he knows his trade extremely well.

10/10 recommendation. You won't find a better guy.
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