USA Certed Diamonds - In person experience


Oct 18, 2016
I found USA Certed Diamonds though Pricescope and was surprised to see that Martin's office was in my city. Before finding Martin, I spoke with a bunch of dealers only to find diamonds that were way overvalued. Consistently people I met in this business prey on the mis-informed. Martin was the first broker that told it like it was and sincerely worked to get the best possible diamond for your budget. I spoke with him over the phone, then in person to select the diamond and in the end came back for an appraisal. The quality of diamonds through USA Certed were way beyond anything I found anywhere else and priced better too. We spoke at length about the HCA score and managed to find a diamond with an excellent score along with other excellent attributes. Overall it looks like a sparkler went off inside the diamond. Without a doubt I will be sending family and friends to Martin to buy their diamonds.
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