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USA -- good reviews but still in business?


Feb 18, 2014
Based on some gem listings and also forum comments, we decided to give Martin a try to remarket our solitaire. This was set up at the end of October, over two weeks ago.

Subsequently: We have no proof that RapNet has been posted to, the stone doesn't appear in Pricescope listings,, or even's own search database. This is not the result we were expecting. it's a distinctive stone -- 3.66 D VS1, VG cut, symm, etc per GIA, 63% table. (! Not a typo -- it faces up like a 4+ carat rock and is not a walleye. :)

But this isn't about my stone, rather, anyone's recent experiences dealing with USA-CERTED. The concept of his business model is plausible and his fees seem very fair ... but not if he doesn't execute. Any feedback appreciated.
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