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Upgrade "Proposal"


Dec 21, 2012
I've been working on upgrading my wife's rings. For a little background read here and for pictures As such this isn't a proposal story but I thought I'd share anyway. :tongue:

She knew the ring was coming but didn't know when. She hadn't seen the final ring and mounting together and wanted to be surprised. Well, we happened to have reservations this past Saturday at a romantic restaurant we love but don't get to visit often (It's really pricey). So I called them up and told them I had a special event and wanted some advice on what to do. The lady was a bit confused over the whole upgraded ring thing so we settled on calling it an anniversary. She told me some people do things like bring flowers, have a bottle of wine picked out and ready to go, etc. She also marked me down for a secluded booth. They would setup the table special when we got there and have everything ready. I coordinated with a local florist to have flowers delivered to the restaurant and setup at our special table.

As the date approached I was really racking my brain trying to come up with ideas to make this more personal. Then it hit me. I shouldn't treat this like a proposal, but like a re-proposal. Do something new but with reminders of the old. It's now Thursday afternoon and I called the florist up and asked for a special request. I got them the info they needed Friday morning making this really short notice but they came through! I'm rambling a bit now so let me describe the scene Saturday night.

We arrive all dressed up. The line is literally out the door. I check in and they tell us it will be a few minutes. As we are waiting my wife got concerned because lots of other people were being seated before us. I told her not to worry and tried to keep her distracted. Finally we are shown to our table. As we walk up she see's a bottle of campaign already chilling. The table is decorated in rose petals in the shape of a heart. At the top of the table are the special flowers. I asked, "Do you recognize these?" she responded, "They look familiar...." Then she got it. I'd had the florist reproduce her wedding bouquet! Dinner went perfectly. During dessert I said, "Even though you didn't get cake you still get icing" and I pulled out the new ring.


Feb 29, 2012
awww that is too sweet!!!! I love that you recreated her wedding bouquet, that is such a great detail. It's clear that you have a great eye for those little things, but they go a long way in making it all memorable.
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