UNIQUE sapphire and diamond floral cluster ring.THAWTS/INFO


Feb 2, 2016
Hi all, Adam here.
I have recently aquired various pieces of possibly antique, vintage rings and pendants.
Becoming ever so interested in the arts of it all but the endless information is boggling.
Anyway this particular piece I have had verified from a few viable sources. Presenting eight natural mined sapphires, though defining exact breeds has yet to become definite. Looks as though there are two different types some showing green and other's purple in different lighting. At times all are very dark then through the midday sun that awesome sappire blue comes to life.
Also five small single cut diamonds set in the what im told is a custom one of a kind arrangement on classy 925 cocktail style ring.
I'm very interested in how some of the other petal structures have been coloured in blue aswell.
Would love to get an idea surrounding possible time period.
Potential value ?
Wow, I dont want much at all do I? .......... hahahaha.
Seriously though any input or information whether it be opinion based would be greatly appreciated asap.
This and a few other custom items I am seriously looking at selling. I am also very new to this kind of market.
Feel free to inquire, im sure someone out there will have an eye for these little gemstone treasures.
Thank you in advance,



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