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UInmounting (or is it "demounting) a stone and a GIA cert


Aug 15, 2011
Can a consumer send a stone to the GIA for a cert or does it have to done through a jeweler?

Can I demount (or unmount, what is the proper term?) a stone myself (if I'm very, very careful) or is this a stupid thing to attempt?

If a consumer can send the stone to the GIA, how do you ship and insure it? Is this a dumb thing to attempt?

I know the resale price on a stone is less than the retail price. Is the expense of getting a GIA cert and laser inscription or ID number worth it or would the expense negate the profit margin?

This is an approx. 1.10 carat emerald shape stone of I think approx e-f color and VS 1 or VS 2 that my parents bought back in the mid 50's.

Are the 2 baugettes worth removing also? It's a platinum setting and band. Are they worth much as scrap? Is the whole ring and band worth more as is or breaking apart?

Thanks for your time and expertise.

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