Ugh.. Tacori..


Oct 23, 2015
I am a new member to the site, but have used the information on the site for years. Thank You!

Long story short I purchased my second Tacori ring, first was from an authorized dealer, second from overstock. Before purchasing I confirmed with Tacori via facebook that the rings on overstock were authentic and that all documentation would be provided by overstock. After receiving that confirmation from Tacori I contacted overstock via internet chat and confirmed the same information. After viewing all the forums I realize the rings could be show samples or old models, which didn't bother me.

Soooo... The ring showed up in an overstock generic box with no documentation other than a plastic card with "Tacori" on one side and "certificate of authenticity, this certificate guarantees that your Tacori pieces are designed and handcrafted with extraordinary care by Tacori artisans at our California Design Studio" on the other.

I know Tacori stamps change, but I have some question on the stamp of the ring I received from overstock and the lack of information with the rings.

After not receiving the documentation from overstock I emailed them and they said I would now not be receiving any serial number or documentation to go with the ring, but the guarantee their products are authentic. I have not contacted Tacori about not receiving the information.

Does anyone have any comment about the stamp or ring?

If there is duplicate topic, please forward me the link.

Thank you . image1-6.jpg image1-6.jpg _34992.jpg _34992.jpg image1-2.jpg image1-2.jpg


Jul 18, 2007
While I can't see the full hallmark, it appears like the last half of an actual Tacori hallmark.

Why the "Ugh" if you truly wanted the ring? Is it the ring itself or the lack of documentation that has you unhappy?

I have a Tacori platinum e-ring and a Tacori platinum band that I use in a stack. They have both held up well over the last 8 years, show little if any wear, and I get compliments all the time on how pretty they are. So, "Ugh" would not be something I would say.


Apr 2, 2006
First of all, that's a beautiful setting!

I'm curious as to whether you've heard back from Tacori. Hopefully they'll honor what they told you via facebook.
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